About Us

The Rankin Barn has been an integral part of an active farming operation for many, many years. Jane Ann Aanestad inherited the barn and the surrounding farmland after her father, Horace Karr, passed in 2016. The barn had always been referred to as “the Rankin barn” by folks in the Rocksprings community; even though the Rankin name is not well known there today. A search of ownership going back to 1828 shows the interesting progression of landowners surrounding the barn; the Rankin name appears in the deed transfers in 1883. Because the barn is so sturdy and well constructed, it just seemed respectful to continue with the original Rankin name. Based on the width of the tool marks on the beams in the barn, it is believed that the barn was actually constructed in the pre-civil war era. The barn is a bank construction style, having been built into a “bank” with entrances on the main level and a lower level where the cattle were housed. The main level of the barn today has been transformed into a beautiful, romantic setting for weddings and celebrations. A crystal chandelier and a lovely stained glass window add a warmth and special ambiance to any gathering. The lower level of the barn is now used for overnight stays for bridal parties, hunters or weekend travelers. It has a full service kitchen with modern appliances, a spacious living area and restrooms. The original barn beams in the lower level add a rustic element for guests who enjoy a relaxing stay. The beautiful land around the barn lends itself to long walks down Lovers Lane with sweet gum trees that gracefully line the quiet roadway. Lovers Lane is one of the most photogenic & scenic roads in southeastern Ohio. Every season has its own unique beauty on Lovers Lane. Many talented photographers use Lovers Lane for the backdrop of keepsake photos. If you’re looking for a place to escape the stress of the day or if you want to celebrate a very special occasion, please consider joining us at The Rankin Barn on Lovers Lane.

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